The Absolute Value Proposition

A rigorous foundation in Mathematics and Physics is one of the most essential skills for survival in today's technology economy. However, of all the STEM subjects, the gap between what a student needs to survive in college versus what is taught at the high school level, is the largest for Maths and Physics. This gap results in students not being able to successfully transition from high school to college and beyond.

If you believe you or your child want a more rigorous grounding in Math and Physics, we are the place for you!

We believe it is time to bridge this gap!

The Absolute Value Advantage

There are several math and physics tutorials one could choose from, and all of them make the same promises! So why should you choose us?

  • Accomplished Teachers with deep insights into the subjects.
  • Rediscover the Joy of Learning
  • Improve Confidence
  • Increase College Readiness
  • Improve College entrance exam outcomes
  • Solve Challenging Problems

Instead of limiting ourselves to school syllabuses and homework help, our approach is to take a holistic view of the subjects, and focus on strengthening the fundamentals even as we scale the heights of these subjects! We believe our unique concept of well-defined modules that focus on a set content, and our approach of emphasizing understanding of concepts followed by a rigorous problem-solving session, is the best way to bridge the college gap, and ensure maximum value for your time, effort and money.


In addition, our Founder has been there and done that! With Advanced degrees in Engineering (MS, PhD) from the top colleges of the world (The Indian Institutes of Technology, Dartmouth College, The Pennsylvania State University), and with experience teaching high school students for over two decades across the world,  we know how to inspire and motivate students towards Math and Physics, and help them realize their fullest potential!

Many of the problems solved in class are modeled after the rigorous Joint Entrance Exams to the world-famous Indian Institutes of Technology, and we constantly emphasize and highlight the beauty of math and physics to our students, so they begin to see it as well!

Whether you are preparing for College Entrance Exams like the JEE, or for any other exam, or if you are simply looking to learn for the sake of learning, Absolute Value promises to make the subject interesting and challenging at the right level.

Contact us to find out more, or look at our offerings, and register for the course(s) you need!

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