Algebra I and Algebra II will have two batches, one during the weekday hours, and another during the weekend hours. All other classes will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Module Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Algebra I  7-8 PM (batch 1) 3-4 PM (batch 2)
Algebra II 7-8 PM (batch 1) 1-2 PM (batch 2)
Physics I 10-11 AM
Physics II 10-11 AM
Physics III 1 -2 PM
Precalculus I 2-3 PM
Precalculus II 2-3 PM
Calculus I 4-5 PM
Calculus II 4-5 PM


There will be three sessions to choose from through the year for all modules. Classes will start in Mid-September, Mid-January and Mid-May. It is important to plan your sessions carefully. We have numbered the modules to indicate our recommended sequence.

Contact us if you have questions or would like to plan your sessions better.


Our world class Math and Physics education can change the life of our students, enabling them to succeed in the most lucrative careers, be it in the STEM fields or beyond. For all that, we offer very affordable pricing plans, with Early Bird specials, month-to-month plans as well as a deeply discounted pay-in-full plan (Hurry! Early Bird Specials end on August 16th!).  A student may withdraw from any module after two classes, and we will refund the entire amount minus a small servicing fee. For more information, please contact us.