Teaching Philosophy

At Absolute Value, we believe Physics is spoken in the language of Mathematics,  so a good grounding in Math is essential for success in Physics. Our Physics modules are roughly at the AP level, so these are best suited for students at the 11th and 12th grade of Math proficiency. Equivalently, students may enroll in our Advanced modules of Math along with Physics. Problem-solving is key to understanding Physics concepts, so we will spend time explaining the theory, and then train the students to solve problems of varying degree of difficulty, in order to bring the concepts home.

Physics I

We believe a good grasp of Newtonian Mechanics is essential for understanding the rest of Physics, so we will focus entirely on this subject in this module. Basic Calculus will be used throughout, but algebra-based solutions will also be discussed as needed.

Since solving problems is the core to understanding any subject, we will solve a lot of problems of varying difficulty in class.

Physics II

In this module we will continue on to Oscillations, Waves and Sound, Fluids, Heat and Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, and the make a foray into Electricity. Again, Calculus will be used throughout as needed, and problems of varying difficulty will be solved in class to expand on the theory.


Physics III

The late nineteenth and early twentieth century was a period of great churn and creativity in the field of Physics, and the awesome story of Physics of this era will be brought to life in this module!

We will talk about the rest of Electricity and Magnetism, and dive into Modern Physics (Special Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics).


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