Teaching Philosophy

We believe Mathematics is a language, with its own alphabet and grammar and with its own vocabulary! Just like with any other language, it requires patience, practice and steady focus to become fluent in it. It is best learned through building a solid foundational understanding, while solving different types of problems of varying degrees of difficulty, in order to etch the contents on the brain. With that in mind, we offer a Foundational Mathematics module, wherein we will go over basic concepts in Algebra and Geometry. Students are encouraged to enroll in this class to firm up their basics and build fluency, before enrolling in the regular Math classes. In the Higher Mathematics module, we will assume a strong foundation already exists in the student's mind, and focus on solving difficult and tricky problems.

Foundational Mathematics

A good foundation in Mathematics is essential for future success in both Mathematics and Physics. This 3-month module is suitable for anyone who is not absolutely fluent with basic Algebra; i.e., operations with numbers and variables, and facility with fractions and exponents. From there we will head into simple equations, simultaneous equations, binomial products, factoring and quadratic equations.

The problems will be of moderate difficulty, with the goal of expounding on the concepts and drilling the basics, so that the student is absolutely fluent with these topics.

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Higher Mathematics

In this 2-part module, each lasting one year, we will take the students through Higher Algebra, Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry (2-D and 3-D), Vector Analysis (2-D and 3-D), Complex Variables, Matrices and Differential & Integral Calculus, in order to prepare students for the rigorous college entrance examinations like the Joint Entrance Exams of the Indian Institutes of Technology and others. Problems will be taken from a variety of books and other sources, and solved in class.

It is our belief that the best results are obtained when there is a good partnership between the teacher and students. While the teacher is expected to know the subject matter and guide, the students are expected to put in the hours needed to solve problems. The greater the commitment from both, the better the results will be!

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