Teaching Philosophy

We believe Mathematics is best learned through solving different types of problems of varying degree of difficulty, in order to etch the contents on the brain. The aim of each of our modules will be to expose the students to problem-solving techniques that will expand upon the underlying theory and challenge the students to think hard and stretch themselves.

Algebra Modules

We believe Algebra forms the basis for proficiency in all of Math! Fluency with Algebraic expressions and their transformation and simplification, along with solving linear and quadratic equations, and a firm grasp on the concept of functions and graphs, which most students struggle with, goes a long way towards understanding Calculus and Trigonometry.

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Precalculus Modules

Trigonometry, including trigonometric equations, conic sections,  3-D coordinates are some of the topics covered in these modules. Beginning with the basic concepts we progress from simple to challenging problems in class, and take-home problems.

These modules are suitable for students who want to transition to take on Calculus. These modules will prepare the student to tackle the more challenging topics of Calculus.

Advanced Modules

In these modules, we explain the concepts of limits and continuity, the derivative, maxima and minima, curve-sketching and move on towards integration, different techniques of integration, areas under and between curves, volumes of revolution (including disks, washers and cyclindrical shells), calculus of trigonometric functions and more!

These modules are suitable for students at the high-school level of Math proficiency.

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